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Enjoy Life
Win in life

An Abundant Life is Awaiting Each of Us.

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Have you ever thought that there has got to be more to life than this?

Tired of normal, average and ordinary?

Are you wanting more than just living for the weekend?

Do you want to function on a level far above
the circumstances you find yourself in?

How about experiencing Newness of Life
and Taking New Territory?

I have been on this journey to serve and add value to others for decades.

I've worked for years in customer service on the retail side and also in the industry side as a mortgage associate and car sales.

For over 40 years I have served and worked in the non-profit industry. Learning about myself, others and what goes on behind the scenes to operate a successful church or ministry.

Working with people who are paid and those who are volunteers - the ones who are there because they want to be, not because they are paid to be - has given me a unique perspective on team work.

When I say I want to help people find life, enjoy life, and win in life, I am letting us all know that there is much more available for each of us. Also, I have not arrived yet either, but have learned a lot and am hungry to continue to grow and increase, and change to enjoy all that God has for me.

My desire is to stir people up to take steps forward towards their destiny. Being willing to take action and step out of their comfort zone that is holding them back, even though it feels safe. To stretch and reach or attain a goal and desire that they thought was not possible, is thrilling and exciting.

We all can experience more life, enjoy more life, and definitely can win more in life as we learn how through identity and leadership.

What others are saying about Jeff:

Your greatest strength as I see it Jeff, is your presence. When you enter a room you exude confidence but not arrogance. You are approachable yet you give others a feeling an expert has just entered the room. You are very compassionate and empathetic and this also gives people a feeling that they can trust...LO

I appreciate the little nuggets Jeff left with me... DH

It is always beneficial to be taught by someone who clearly enjoys teaching...PO

Jeff, you have contributed to change in my life, you have been used of God to show me the way of excellence, integrity and honesty. You have been an inspiration to me and I thank God for having such a friend as you...LV

You are a great listener and very passionate about what you are doing... you are honest, dependable, compassionate, and genuinely sincere in all that you do...NB

Wisdom... you are wise in the Word and everyday senses
Smiling... You have a spirit of joy and make people happy with just your presence
Organized and an excellent teacher... you make difficult things understandable...JA

I will always be thankful for God bringing you into my life. God worked through you and changed my life around and I will always be thankful for the teachings I received from you. You likely have no idea the seeds you sowed into my life and because of them I am where I am now. I still get a lot of inspiration from what you taught me. I am forever thankful and I am still growing in this area...LD

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Victory In Christ

Thanks be to God, Who gives us the VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ - 1 Cor 15:57

Thanks be to God, Who always causes us to TRIUMPH in Christ - 2 Cor 2:14

In all these things we are more than CONQUERORS through Him that loves us - Rom 8:37

This is the victory that OVERCOMES the world, even our faith - 1 John 5:4

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Does This Sound Like You?

I understand what it's like to not be able to sleep all night because the pain keeps waking you up. How hard it is to walk up stairs and even be able to get in the car normally because of knee pain.

What about having my jaw lock twice in one evening as a teenager and being afraid and uncertain of what was going on.

I've had the mobility of one of my fingers start to become restricted, full of pain and not wanting to straighten out due to repetitive work activity.

As I began to learn about how to activate the healing power of God in my life I began to see changes happening.

  • By The End Of This Challenge You Will Learn:
  • That healing is spiritual and that activating the healing power of God will get you well again.
  • How to change what you think in your heart, in order to create hope for being well again.
  • How to sync yourself with God's will, activate the healing power of God, and experience what you want - being well again.


Finding LIFE, Enjoying Life, Winning in life



Jesus said "I must be about My Fathers business"
Luke 2:49

As Children of God we are in the Family Business



"Find 7 guys to put over this business."
Ministry means serving others.
Acts 6:3

Ministry Business is about serving and adding value to others



Mind or do your own business...
1 Thess. 4:11

Kingdom Business is about representing our King Jesus and operating in His right way of doing things, in whatever we are doing

Finding Life, Enjoying Life and Winning in life is about:

Finding Jesus and understanding we are then children of God, members of HIs Family and citizen of His Kingdom. We therefore, have an inheritance and legal rights and it is important for us to find out what they are so we can enjoy them.

We are in the family business and it is about serving and adding value to others as we represent our Great King, Jesus, and continue to learn how to operate in His right way of doing things that He has set up for our blessing and success in life.


Finding LIFE

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We are here to help you find life, enjoy life and win in life by bringing you short, bite size words of encouragement and training from the Word of God. 

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Episode 52 - It's Not Agreement
Submission is part of our lives , yet many think it is agreement - and it is not.
Submission brings promotion so it is important to know what it is in order to benefit from it. Listen To More

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Episode 42 - Does $$ Answer Everything Pt 3
We see in Luke 16 as Jesus was teaching that there is a money test that qualifies us for true riches.
Apparently money is not trues riches, so what is?
How do we qualify for these true riches and what does money have to do with it? Listen To More

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Episode 38 - Are you a Steward or Subscriber?
What is a subscriber vs a steward?
A subscriber gathers a lot of info but the steward takes action and applies it to their life.
Find out more about taking action and applying the Word of God to your life and the amazing results it brings. Listen To More


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